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WEB-LINK connects administrative desk computers to Security Staff using Kenwood / Hytera / Icom Portable radios and to remote Police Departments and 911 servers when an emergency occurs using GPS and two-way text messaging.

 WEB-ALERT is the companion Application installed in staff equipped Android Smartphones, allowing the staff member to send a silent alert and status reports to the Administrative desk with auto-forwarding to Police when an attack occurs.

GUNSHOT-ALERT is an Android Application currently being developed by Datalink for installation in remote Smartphones which are permanently mounted with power supply in a number of locations around the School or Campus. The App is designed to only respond to the waveform and dynamics of a range of gunshots. When a gunshot is sensed, the Application automatically sends an alert to the Administrative Desk's computer,with auto-forwarding to the local Police Department and E-911 server if not acknowledged by the Admin' Desk within a set time period.
 - Low cost and quick installation. Uses exisiting Wi-Fi network internally.
 - Uses Encrypted Internet links externally.

 - Encrypted internal Wi-Fi transmissions.
 - Auto-Forwarding to other Email addresses if unacknowledged.
 - Modular easy to use, yet secure design.

 - Each Staff WEB-ALERT Smartphone also senses gunshots and auto-transmits.
 - Can be linked into Legacy Alarm Panels and Control Stations.

       Portable Radios

Datalink Systems USA Inc., founded in 2008 is a specialized engineering company with focus on bespoke software and hardware developments for advanced security monitoring of personnel and assets. Over the years our clients have included;

U.K. Ministry of Defense, London Metropolitan Police (Anti-Terrorism Squad), USA Department of State, US Marshalls Service, Australian Attorneys General Department. To name a few.

WEB-ALERT  will be available for shipping in June 2018.   Pre-order now!.

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