All LMR manufacturers are now adding Broadband LTE chips to some models of digital radios, primarily to get into the FirstNET market with First Responders. The much bigger market for LMR Dealers is the commercial side.   Datalink's DataNET  Host Software covers it all, and also on one screen. Complete merging of data networks.

Datalink makes it easy to get started selling M2M services which can include PTT-PoC. Our introductory package covers HYTERA, KENWOOD, EFJI, ICOM and M2M.

If you do not use VHF/UHF Mobile Radios for voice communications with your Fleets, then you would only use the M2M part of our DataNET  Host Software.

Our evaluation package includes:  

You can simply order on-line with a Pay Pal account or a Credit Card.

Total Evaluation Package Price is only $1,900 USD.   75% refundable if our DataNET and WebTrack Solutions do not meet your needs within 60 days of first use.


Limited time incentive offer. Buy now and receive an additional three months of demonstration airtime.

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