PoC for those unfamiliar with the term, PoC it is an acronm for PTT over Cellular. PushToTalk originated with VHF and UHF Mobile Radios using a common frequency channel to talk to one or more people. Pushing a microphone button to talk and releasing the button to listen. Today PTT has been commercialized to provide one to one and group talk using Smart phones over cellular and commonly referred to as PoC.

 Most PoC Server Software programs stand alone on a dedicate screen which can also display the GPS location of remote Smart-Phones and text-messages. Datalink's DataNET (and WebGate Screens) can link to 3rd. party PTT-PoC  servers and extract the GPS and text messages for display on the WebGate Screens. WebGate can also send text messages.

For PoC service Datalink recommends;


For rugged work-site PoC operation Datalink recommends the SONIM XP7 or the Ulefone ARMOR X

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