Team up with Datalink and you have access to low cost Cellular Data Services, a multi-network hosting program and a wide range of devices, ranging from personal tracking devices to remote SCADA control and monitoring of equipment and worksites.

NEXTM2M logs on to any carrier at the same low rate.

E.G. AT&T $6 for 5MB  VERIZON $7 for 5MB 
NEXTM2M is only
 $1.50 for 5MB. You pay for 5MB even if not used.
Overage is 15 cents per MB or part thereof.

5 MB is more than sufficient for GPS and data, including text messages with most cellular devices including Smartphones.

PoC-PTT RATES  (Pooled Plan) Minimum of 10 SIM accounts
Each PTT button press plus 5 seconds of speech averages 15KB. PTT exchanges are totally random, however to get a cost, if we average 5 PTT per session and 50 sessions per day, the monthly data count would be 82 MB.

Pooled Plan Rate:  100 MB   $6. 
Overage rate:   10 cents per MB or part thereof.
As the plans are pooled, airtime usage is averaged over all devices.

Datalink Systems International Inc., are the North American representatives for NEXTM2M of Copenhagen, Denmark. NEXTM2M provide Global roaming M2M and IoT cellular airtime spanning 200  countries and 650 networks. A reason why they can offer such low rates!

In North America, this includes the major networks in the USA and Canada with automatic roaming onto the strongest tower in each region irrespective of carrier.

Wide Roaming Cellular LTE-4G-3G-2G Service
much lower than the national carriers








School Bus Alerts and status reports and current route location reporting.














The i50 is an advanced mobile data. Multiple I/Os including A/D.  Cell' LMR Mobile radio and Iridium Satellites.









Android Tablet with Datalink's Job-Dispatching App.



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