M2M and IoT multiple devices

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Cellular / Mobile Radio / Satellite

M2M (Machine to Machine) data is not limited to Cellular Networks. A computer monitoring temperature changes in the Arctic, and linked over Iridium satellites to a DataGate, is processed as easily as monitoring a Lone Worker on a remote worksite.

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       All devices require our DataNET Host software for an "End to End" Solution.
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Datalink can also arrange to provide you with low cost Cellular M2M Service:  $1.50 Per  5MB
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Multi-Network MobiHUB
Track Dumpsters
Fleet Tracking and Driver Management




Monitor Young Drivers

Monitor Vehicle Fleets


School Bus Monitoring and Student Tracking
Off-Road and Heavy Plant Equipment
Work Site messaging and Job Assignment


Bus route tracking and public screen display




Municipal Fleets






Advanced Data Monitoring