WebGate and the MDT-9100 can work with select Batch-Plant Dispatching Software.








The MDT-9100 is the latest device to be integrated with Datalink's WebGate Screens. Based on ANDROID 7 development platform it can be custom configured to meet any clients requirements.

It has an internal 4G Cellular Modem and can also connect to most LMR VHF/UHF Mobile Radios that have an RS-232 data port.

It can also connect to an external IRIDIUM EDGE Satellite data modem for global connectivity





The MDT-9100 can Monitor remote Work Site equipment 24/7. On-Board Diagnostics immediately reports
 J1939 alerts.  Lock out engine if operator is not qualified.


                Track School Buses
with 20 second updates over M2M Cellular with low cost airtime.    
MDT-9100 over Cell & LMR                  Or Meitrack T-633L for Cell only.



The MTD-9100 can connect to the transparent data port on most Mobile Data Radios.









Meitrack TC68 SL  4G
     ANDROID 7


Local Fleet Dispatching


Meitrack T633L


 - RFID driver before engine will start
 - Log operators on and off duty
 - Log operator I.D. to Loaders
 - J-1939 Engine maintenance reporting
 - Container I.D. Reader (optional)


Ulefone ARMOR X5


In its price range the T633L provides more features than any other cell based product.



Under development. The MDT-9100 with attached IRIDIUM EDGE can operate anywhere on the Globe, With automatic switching to lower cost networks where available








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