Meitrack T-633L   4G - 3G

The new Meitrack T-633L with 4G is the perfect choice to monitor any type of vehicle, from local delivery Vans to earth moving Bulldozers and Diggers.  Low cost, with many peripheral options such as LCD Display, Fuel Tank Level Sensor, RFID Tag Reader and Camera.
With regard to School Buses, theT633L is perfectly positioned to be the device of choice to replace existing systems with 4G hardware and to meet the new demands of School Districts for Student protection.

MARKET FOCUS   School Buses
With around 1/2 million School Buses in operation across the U.S. the need for updating with Intelligent Monitoring of School Buses will be on-going.
The T633L has a low price point making it very attractive as an upgrade option. It will interface with DataGates, new or existing.



The Meitrack 633L with  transparent port allows for range of "add-on" 3rd party devices.




























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