The following instructions will help the majority of users.



NOTE: DataGate is an advanced AVL and I.P. data processing software program. It is highly recommended that an I.T. Microsoft certified technician be contracted to undertake the installation.


The DataGate software can be installed in any Windows Computer. Most installations will be processing data from remote assets linked over the Internet.  This will require the host computer to be connected directly to the Internet with a fixed I.P. address. If the computer is on a local LAN, the Computer's I.P. address must be mapped to the network Hub.


After the computer is mapped though the local LAN and open to the Internet, log into Datalink's Host Page and select "Downloads" http://www.datalinkinternational.com/downloads.html and then select either DataGate 6.4.XX (Standard DataGate) or DataGate-Plus 6.4.XX for the advanced version.  Click on setup.exe to install. When the installation is completed, click on start to open the program, and then fill in the license request panel and send. When you receive a reply email stating an evaluation license has been granted, send a repeat request. That will activate the license, allowing you to set-up the various networks, assets and users.

You should now refer to the Datalink Operational manual to continue to set-up the many options available to you.  http://www.datalinksystemsinc.com/support/datagate.pdf


DataGate operates in the background, usually on a remote server accessed by the DataGate Administrators only. WebGate allows customers who want to view their assets on map-screens and to exchange text messages and poll for updates. WebGates use Web-Browsers and passwords to remotely access the DataGate the WebGates are linked to. There is no limit to the number of WebGates that can access a DataGate nor the amount of assets linked to specific DataGates and WebGates. User names and passwords are created in DataGate under the "user" tab in options.

WebGates access the linked DataGate using any Web-Browser in Desktops, Latops, Tablets and Smartphones. To test WebGate from inside DataGate, open any Web-Browser and enter "locahost:80" and the WebGate screen should appear, requesting user name and password. If WebGate does not open, port 80 may be assigned to other programs. In this case change the port number in the DataGate and accessing Web-Browser to a free port number i.e. Port 81 or any other Port number that is free.

For public access to your DataGate we recommend registering a domain name which resolves to the DataGate I.P. address and assigned Port number. Datalink's Cloud server  access is called www.webgate.org 

Click here for an overview of WebGate

Click here to download the operators manual


i50 MobiHUB click here for the Web-Page

i50 for School Buses.

The i50 MobiHUB is ideally suited for the monitoring of all School Bus functions and the tracking of students entering or leaving School Buses. The i50 MobiHUB with DataGate and WebGates can operate as a complete "end to end" system with activation alerts such as door openings, flashing lights etc., along with mapping and text messaging or it can link through its SQL database to legacy student management systems such as Edulog.

The i50 MobiHUB should be mounted in a location close to the Driver's location and accessible for wiring the i50 into the electrical system and either a Smart-Button or RFID reader, both of which plug into the rear connectors on the i50.   Refer to the i50 MobiHUB for complete installation instructions.  http://www.datalinksystemsinc.com/support/i50B.pdf

Smart-Button Driver I.D. and Log in.

The i50 MobiHUB can process data from either a Smart-Button or RFID reader.  Dealers should source these products directly from the distributors, maximizing mark-up with installation fees. A one time purchase of a DataGate license is required for all added devices.

Note: The Smart-Button could also be used to read students on and off Schoolbuses, however the button must be in physical contact with the sensor which will slow down the entry/exit time for each student.  The RFID card needs only need to pass within 2" to be read.

Smart-Button supplier (iButton)




RFID Student and Driver I.D. reader


Studetnt/Driver personal cards

https://www.idwholesaler.com/valuprox-prox.html?ssdisp=true    Select 26 bit.