Datalink's DISPATCHER is a simple, easy to use two way messaging App that is included free with every VOCALIS Account for more advanced job-dispatching with stored tasks

10" Tablet with LTE- 4G - 3G  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

ARMOR X PoC in Cradle. LTE 4G


Work-Site Crews exchange files and drawings with Office  Staff
 Job and Task Dispatch Screen. Works over Wi-Fi or Internet








Datalink's Dispatcher will work with most Android Smartphones and Tablets based using Apps developed by Datalink.
For rugged field work we recommend the Ulephone ARMOR X5 Smartphone.
The ARMOR X5 provide PoC communications for drivers that allows hands free voice communications that comply with most States and Provincial safe driving Laws.
For loud noise environments we recommend the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 Bluetooth Headset with boom microphone.

Datalink's Job&Task Dispatcher App works with all Android Smartphones and Tablets





































For more information please contact Datalink or our regional representatives