Datalink delivers an advanced dual network tracking and “load security” system for Skelton Truck Lines Ltd, Canada.


Skelton Truck Lines, based in Toronto, Canada operate a highly specialized and temperature controlled transportation service for the delivery of pharmaceuticals and blood plasma products across Canada and the USA to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and distribution centers.

When Skelton wanted to improve their live tracking system for monitoring the trucks and trailers including the critical temperature condition for each shipment, they turned to Datalink Systems Inc., who engineered a complete tracking and monitoring system including “on-board” smart control, based on the Datalink i50 and Mobius Windows messaging software. GPS, messages and sensor information is transmitted every few minutes to a DataGate software routing program installed in Skelton’s communication server over cellular networks, with automatic switching to Iridium Satellite communications when cellular service is interrupted. Dispatchers use Datalink’s WebGate to monitor and process messages and data.

The Datalink i50 is a multi-network intelligent vehicle mounted terminal. Wireless Networks include Cellular, Iridium Satellite, UHF/VHF NEXEDGE (Kenwood) and WiFi. The i50 also has multiple I/Os and RS-232 serial ports for connection to external devices. Host control is by the time proven DataNET software developed by Datalink


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Datalink systems for their support during a recent major upgrade to our fleet here at Skelton. Their support is very responsive, and always willing to take the lead in offering solutions, up to and including custom application programming. Combined with the robust hardware they have designed and developed, it is a winning combination.

Skelton Truck Lines fleet of tractors and trailers have been using a combined solution of i50 Trackers, Datahost GPS platform, Datagate, and Webgate clients. The Mobius messaging platform is used in the trucks. This system allows real time communication between our drivers and dispatch department, anywhere in North America, over satellite or cellular service, as well as file transfer capabilities. In conclusion, we are increasing our presence in North America this year, and we look forward to doing further business with Datalink”

Peter Dollery

Systems Administrator.

Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.