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Raveon Technology

Make a complete real-time tracking system with the StingRay GX GPS transponder. It is a rugged high-speed UHF data modem with built-in 12-channel GPS receiver. It has up to 5 Watts of RF power output, and operates as both a GPS transponder for tracking and a radio modem for sending and receiving data. The TDMA protocol allows very fast position and status updates (as quickly as 20 units per second), and 128 bit AES encryption keeps your transmissions secure. The StingRay GX can be used to track fleets of one to thousands of assets, vehicles, or people - with the fastest update rate in the industry.

The StingRay GX may be configured for a number of different GPS applications, including:

Transponder: Periodically transmit position and status.

GPS display: Connect StingRay GX to a hand-held or mobile GPS, and icons will appear on the display showing the location of all other StingRay GX radios in the system.

DataGate Interface: Connect the StingRay GX to a DataGate server for routing and processing position information and share it with applications that can view and manage movement, share data, set alerts, and make reports.



For wide-area coverage, any StingRay GX transponders may be set to store-and-forward messages from other StingRay GX transponders.

Raveon's wireless technologies span DSP, RF and software, making quality radios that simply communicate farther. Raveon products have longer range than any others in their class, with much lower power consumption.

When you need long-distance wireless, think Raveon.