Datalink's IPscada Software and Hardware can provide a long distance communications link over satellite at a much lower cost than conventional remote SCADA links which would normally use VSAT dedicated service. IPscada puts an intelligent controller at the remote site which only sends data when a reporting device drops out of a pre-set operating window. This can reduce satellite airtime costs per remote asset to typically under $50 USD per month.  Data processing hardware and satellite terminal cost is typically under $900 per link.


Remote connection
IPscada is a low cost satellite or terrestrial network communications link between remote telemetry devices such as RTUs, PLCs and other remote sensors  and base HMI control computers. Functionally it acts as a transparent pipe, linking remote monitoring terminals and other devices for oil and gas wells, pipelines, pumping stations, remote mining sites, compressor stations, reservoir storage tanks and remote seismographs and the host HMI software. IPscada can support most protocols that use a TCP/IP connection on the host side and an asynchronous RS-232 serial connection at the device.  The link can use both terrestrial and satellite networks to provide regional and worldwide coverage. The Technology has a designed in simplicity, making integration with existing legacy systems a straight-forward solution.
Click here for details of the MobiHUB i50 remote controller.

Host connection

The third-party host software connects to the DataGate server program using a TCP/IP socket. For instant status polling sends a Modbus (or other protocol with addressing scheme) packet to the server, which decodes the address field and uses a look-up table to direct the packet to the appropriate remote device. The server then communicates with the device and waits for an acknowledgement. Any responses from the device are sent back to the third-party host software using the same TCP/IP socket. At this point the third-party software may close the socket, or continue to exchange data. For SCADA operation, third party Software should be OPC compatible.

For those host software systems that are restricted to legacy PSTN "phone" dial-up sessions, Datalink can provide a PSTN-to-IP internet interface software module allowing full TCP/IP communications over any of the integrated wireless networks.

Network Routing Interface
DataGATE acts as a “packet data” router processing and routing packets between a number of host computers connected to the Internet and the remote terminal devices linked via satellite or terrestrial wireless services.  DataGATE software can be located at the  customers base offices or on Datalink's Cloud Servers. Dual Mode communications is an attractive feature providing the ability to make use of very low cost VHF/UHF radios to link a number of well heads within say 30 miles of each other and one central IPscada satellite uplink hub.  


Remote Intelligence

Demonstration Software available on request.

Satellite transmission is via Iridium or Inmarsat.
Terrestrial networks are GSM-GPRS, VHF/UHF and short range Spread Spectrum.

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 Last update: April 26, 2014